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Marketing Yourself Fill You With Fear?
Become the sought-after photographer using social media the right way
Are You Struggling to Get New Clients?
Attract a consistent flow of clients and get booked out months in advance
Too Frightened To Raise Your Prices?
You don’t have to come off as a pushy salesman to sell your photos. A simple, icky- free sales process.
You're a Photographer...
and the health of your business depends on YOU getting new clients in the door and buying your photos. 

It’s not enough to be great at taking photos… you need clients! 

And not just any clients, but the right type of clients. The ones who want to work with you. Who understand your unique talents.  The ones who will value your work and be happy to buy everything you show them, and make you feel like a rock star.

Without a steady flow of the perfect clients, your business is in trouble.
Annieography Works For Any Type Of Photographer Who Deals With Humans... newborn, family, contemporary glamour, headshot, pets, seniors, children and more, because our methods are based on human behaviour not the genre of photography you shoot. 

If you deal with humans, this will work for you!

Most photographers believe people don't value photography anymore. 

Annieography teaches a methodology that ignites your marketing and sales in a way that attracts the exact type of people that become high paying clients, who will value YOU and the Beautiful Photos you take while repelling price shoppers that only waste your time. 

So your business will grow, you'll make more money and live your dream life!

If You Take Photos To Sell, You Need Annieography...
What Makes Annieography So Different?
Not all education is equal. You pay for what you get
The Annieography methodology is revolutionary because it teaches you to become sought after with the type of clients that will value you. 

Hundreds of photographers have made thousands of dollars with almost EVERY client using the Annieography methodology. 

Marketing and Sales Formulas!  But, how do you know if you are doing it right? 

The answer is to attend a workshop or join the online program.

Hi, I'm Annie Murray
We know how hard it is to market effectively and have helped hundreds of large and small photography businesses attract the clients who value beautiful photography.
When you connect with the clients who will value you through your marketing, your social media posting, and website all start working for you, everything you do drives higher sales and your clients send flowers to say thankyou and their testimonials spread like a virus.

The Annieography Methodology is taught by Annie Murray, creator of the Booked Out, Valued & Paid Program. Annie has grown up in the photography industry and has spent decades working as one of Australia’s most successful Photographers..

Combine my addiction to great marketing, social media and consumer behavior I have created a formula specifically for photographers that makes it not only possible to live the life you dream of, but to do it with integrity, heart and the love of photography.

The Annieography method was created to help me connect with the type of clients who would value me more. 

This came about after crashing from years of being undervalued and overworked in my own photography business. And this process resulted in me doubling revenue and tripling profits for three consecutive years from the front room of my home.. 

Since then I've gone on to mentor & consult with dozens of major brands and hundreds of photography businesses who have dramatically increased their sales after learning the Annieography methodology. 

My obsession understanding of marketing, funnels, human & consumer behaviour has quadrupled my business and has made me one of the most sought after Business Stratergy and Facebook Ads Experts in Australia.
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For most of our members the investment is returned in the first couple of shoots. 
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